Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Africa Water, Sanitation Jan -Feb 2014 Vol.10 No1 - Page 36

Eawag Systematic Behaviour Change in Development Projects (Online participation with video possible) March 5 - 6, 2015, Dübendorf,Switzerland The course will enable participants to plan, design, and evaluate evidence-based behaviour change campaigns. The participants will learn how to conduct a quantitative survey of behavioural determinants, how to identify the required behaviour change techniques and how to prove the effects and effectiveness of these techniques. A live presentation of Dr. Kamal Kar about the CLTS approach and a Q&A session will be an integrated part of the course. For registration please click peak/kurse/index_EN Contacts: Suzanne Benz & Evelin Vogler tel. +41 (0)58 765 53 93 fax +41 (0)58 765 53 75 World Water Day 2015 Sunday, March 22 New Delhi, India Theme: Water and Sustainable Development Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. Under the theme ‘Water and Sustainable Development’, the year 2015 provides an important opportunity to consolidate and build upon the previous World Water Days to highlight water’s role in the sustainable development Y