Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Africa Water, Sanitation Jan -Feb 2014 Vol.10 No1 - Page 31

Water Supply Mauritius: Government Programme 2015-2019 - Ensuring a Proper Domestic Water Supply, Electricity Production and Distribution Press Release Government Programme 2015-2019 spells out the major reforms to be brought to the public utilities sector, especially in relation to domestic water supply, electricity production and distribution as well as waste management. Addressing the long standing problem of water supply in the country remains a priority. Various measures have been defined in that There are not enough dams to collect water in Mauritius, and most of the rainwater runs into the sea. Credit: Nasseem respect for the wellAckbarally/IPS being of the population. The most prominent As for the energy sector, which is considered as the engine are the mobilisation of the water resources as well as for economic development, Government will ensure on a infrastructure including the renewal and replacement of continuous basis the supply of electricity which is essential pipes to reduce water loss and ensure a year round water for the economy and the population at large. supply. The measures include: the Power Sector Expansion Plan The Bagatelle Dam will be also completed within a year and a new dam will be constructed at Rivière des Anguilles to im