Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Africa Water, Sanitation Jan -Feb 2014 Vol.10 No1 - Page 27

SUWASA News Figure 3: Fecal Sludge Flows in Juba Conclusions and Lessons Learned Juba is a new and fast growing city which like other older capital cities, has sanitation challenges but also the basic building blocks for an effective fecal sludge management system that need further strengthening. Households are containing fecal sludge, but more could be done to increase access to individual toilets that can be mechanically emptied; the private sector has stepped in to collect and transport fecal sludge, but their activities could be better regulated; and the public sector has begun to provide primary infrastructure for treatment of fecal sludge, but more needs to be done to expand these infrastructure and most importantly to improve operation and maintenance. Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene • January - February 2015 27