Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Africa Water, Sanitation Jan -Feb 2014 Vol.10 No1 - Page 25

SUWASA News Regulatory Arrangements for the Exhauster Tankers Although there are currently no sanitation policies or laws, a rudimentary regulatory system exists. Exhauster tankers must be painted red, registered and issued a sanitary license and sticker by Juba City Council which also carries out inspection and monitoring. The tankers are required to pay two types of fees to access the lagoon: a toll to enter Northern Bari Payam and an emptying charge at the lagoon of between US$1.35 and US$6.76. Although these regulations are a good start, there is room for improvement. As sanitary licenses are issued by the payams, there is no central body enforcing uniform regulations on tankers’ condition or how owners’ operate. There is also no enforcement of public and occupational health standards, with none of the operators using protective clothing and no controls on the effluent entering and leaving the lagoon. There is also no requirement for tankers to be parked in a specific place and they are therefore parked anywhere including in residential areas posing unnecessar