Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Africa Water, Sanitation Jan -Feb 2014 Vol.10 No1 - Page 14

New Products Davis & Shirtliff Develops a Range of Mobile Water Treatment Systems Davis & Shirtliff team led by CEO Alec Davis are pictured handing over mobile water treatment trucks to Athi Water Services Board Chief Engineer John Muiruri at the Davis & Shirtliff premises. D ue to the increasing incidence of emergency situations in the region caused by floods, draught, conflict, disease outbreaks and population displacement there is a growing need for innovative and effective solutions that can be quickly deployed to provide high quality treated water. Davis & Shirtliff, the region’s leading water treatment specialists, has many years of experience in all types of water treatment and in response to this need has developed a range of mobile water treatment systems that are specially designed to give pure water in various emergency situations. These units provide costeffective and sustainable solutions from a wide variety of feed sources including saline, turbid or highly mineralized water and produce potable drinking water to international standards. Davis & Shirtliff is proud that the units are designed entirely in-house and also manufactured and assembled in their well-equipped Nairobi factory. Of particular note is the large number of components that are manufactured in house including GRP media filters, chemical tanks, frames and control units with other key items like the treatment modules, pumps and specialised fittings being directly imported. This enables costs to be minimized and also, importantly, provides excellent serviceability compared with alternative imported units as all components are available as spares and operational issues are quickly 14 Africa Water, Sanitation & Hygiene • January - February 2015 resolved. The specification of quality components is an important design feature with the water treatment modules being sourced from world-leader Dow, high-efficiency Dayliff and Grundfos pump fitted and other key items being made of stainless steel. Being designed in Africa for Africa the units are effective, simple to operate, sustainable and reliable. A wide variety of equipment options are available with most units being made in customised configurations to meet specific treatment requirements. The systems use a variety of technologies depending on the customer’s feed wat