AFISE Impact of PreTest Counseling Sessions

#PS4/04 Impact of PreĀ­Test Counseling Sessions on Increasing Knowledge About HIV and Hepatitis Among the Beneficiaries of a Free of Charge, Voluntary Counseling and Testing Program (VCT) in Constanta, Romania Overview Baylor Romania delivers services for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C in Dobrogea region: prevention, treatment and care Program results (n= 55k) Objectives To identify the utility of the pre-test counseling sessions in increasing the level of knowledge regarding HIV and viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C for the clients attending a free of charge VCT program. To check if the content of the pre-test counselling session is relevant for the group served in the community where the VCT program is unfolded. Methods After the blood sample is collected, during the break, clients were asked to assess the impact of the pre-test session regarding the knowledge they gained A standardized content of pre-test counseling was defined and counselors were trained regarding the correct delivery of the information during the session. Clients that attended the VCT program since September 2015 to August 2016 have been asked to fill a questionnaire after the pre-test counseling session, regarding how much the clients themselves assess that their level of knowledge regarding HIV and viral hepatitis has increased as a result of the information presented by the counselor. A 6 point interval scale was used for the answer (0% increase, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%). Data was analyzed in order to identify increase was estimated by clients, as well as if there was any higher gain between the 2 components (HIV and hepatitis). Results N = 3065 persons (52% of those tested) average age of respondents 45 59% women 64% with urban residence previously tested for HIV = 4%, HBV= 2%, HCV= 1% Clients tested by mobile unit did not fill the questionnaire due to lack of time. 5895 clients tested; 2572 had high exposure risk (i.e 44% of all tested had high risk in antecedents). Overall there is a high level of subjective estimated gain in knowledge about the 3 infections. Conclusion Authors AM Schweitzer, M Bogdan, G Ivanov In our community, people that attend VCT are more knowledgeable about HIV than about viral hepatitis. Hepatitis pre-test counseling is not compulsory by law, but our data shows the information about prevention, transmission and vaccination of infectious diseases is relevant.