Adviser Update Summer 2016 - Page 30

ADVISING ADVISERS By Mitch Eden Advice from previous Dow Jones News Fund Teachers of the Year A Mitch Eden Mitch Eden, MJE, advises The Kirkwood Call newspaper, Pioneer yearbook and website at Kirkwood High School in Kirkwood, Missouri. He has been teaching scholastic journalism 20 years and loves working with passionate young people to help them become better people and better journalists while creating the best publications possible. Mitch was named the Dow Jones News Fund National Journalism Teacher of the Year in 2015. s you begin to head into your second year or twenty-second year of advising, summer is a time for reflection and planning. What better way to begin the latter than hearing from some of the best advisers in the country and former DJNF National High School Journalism Teachers of the Year? The question was simple: If you had one piece of advice to pass along to advisers it would be… The answers were inspiring, thoughtful and helpful. Consider yourself mentored by some of the best around. Here we go... Educate yourself! Get your eyes and hands on as many examples of excellent publications or other media in the field in which you are advising, such as a high school newspaper or yearbook or website, to see what can be accomplished and, as important, to see the tremendous diversity among the leaders. Then, follow your muse and follow your dream. Rather than being fixated on rules and trends, with your students, come up with your own vision for your own school and community. Judge the results by how engaged your students, faculty, parents and people in the community are in what you are offering. Wayne Brasler 1981 DJNF TOY Expect change. As a result, if you ever feel like you’re approaching mastery, the bar is sure to move up or just around like a crazy carnival game. I am much nearer the end of this amazing journey as an adviser, and yet in so many ways I am just beginning to learn. That makes it tough, that makes it fun. What a great combination! Don Bott 2002 DJNF TOY My emphases today would be threefold because of social media: 1. I would emphasize ethics, explaining how today’s media are not setting a good example. 2. Stress even stronger writing skills. Students too often do not have these skills by the time they