Adviser Update Summer 2016 - Page 16

Capture Moments “TO BE AN ARTIST, TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER, YOU HAVE TO NURTURE THE THINGS THAT MOST PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO DISCARD. YOU HAVE TO KEEP THEM ALIVE IN ORDER TO TAP THEM.” ~RICHARD AVEDON, DARKNESS AND LIGHT By Bryan Farley I was not always a Richard Avedon fan. I did not even have a good reason for not liking him, except that I had created a Richard AvedonIrving Penn rivalry, and I had chosen Penn. Like most people, I was unwilling to discard my false belief even after I realized it was my creation. I would encourage you to learn from my mistake and allow yourself to be inspired by Avedon (and Penn). Avedon photographed his fears and “madness.” He photographed what he didn’t understand without the camera. He also photographed his interests. When I conceived this article, I was going to share the darker side of my photography, but I realized that I was in the process of nurturing other interests. I decided to share one of the projects here because I also think it might help student photo journalism in the digital age. Five years ago, I worked one year at San Marin High School in Novato, Calif. The school opened in 1968, the same year I was born. Most people would consider it “a good public school.” There were about 1,000 students. Our sports programs played Division 111. The year I worked at San Marin, the boys’ basketball team won its first North Coast Section Boys’ Basketball Championship. We upset the eventual state runner-up, the Bishop O’Dowd Dragons, to win NCS. We also lost to them in the state tournament. Somehow, I was there with my camera. I kept the photos until last month, and I organized about 120 pictures into a photo book. I sent the book to the