Adviser Update Adviser Update Winter 2018 - Page 34

Lessons from the Field: Covering Trump’s Inauguration By Beatrice Motamedi, CJE C ub reporters often are surprised to learn how little analysis paralysis there is in a newsroom when news happens. The police scanner crackles with reports of a fire across town; you drop what you’re doing and cover it. A media-hungry mayor calls yet another press conference just to see if you’ll show up; you do. Twitter tells you that a pilot just landed his damaged airplane in the Hudson River; you run. News XZ[[B˂]8&\HH\ۘ\Y[\[X\[Z\^H\[\BY[]][ܚ[]\]H\[\Y[\[ۋ ˋYHHYX\Y]B\ܜYYX]ݙ\[ۘ[[\8&\[]Y\][ۋ'x&[H\\H]8&\YK8'HHZY Y[8'\x&\]X\X›ۈHYYXHY%H۸&]][ۛY[H[[YK'B\[\HYH]Y\HB\[\HYX][ۈ\X][ۂ\\ۈ[ LYHY\™[H[YK]ݛYBYH[Hو\ۜ\YB[\[XH]\˜ۘ\[˂]\[Y\\]YH˜[\XوZ[YY[\[ۋ][[™][[\\[[[Y\ˈ[\XXY8%YH[ܚ[x%HY\[ۈوY]Hۘ\\]HH[ NY]HY\ܞBHH[Z]YHX\[\\[H\ZHX]][ۜ YHYX\'][[Xx'JH[[ٙ\HHY[\“][\وHY[[H 8'BY&]X\H[8'H[Y^X]]B\X܈[[۝HZYY\\Kۈ[ٙH\\]\[Y\\^\Y^]\[ۂY\Hۙ[YH[\ZYۂ]Y\YZ\X[]Hœ^H]][[H\ܛK]