Adviser Update Adviser Update Winter 2018 - Page 31

31 t and Protect First Amendment Rights ethics? • Has any school administrator or faculty member required student journalists or a publication adviser to submit content for prior review before publication? (Having a teacher or adviser read content during the coaching process is not considered prior review.) • Is there an expectation that student journalists or publication/ media advisers will allow a school administrator to read stories or media content, especially those deemed controversial, before publication? • Do students, who are encouraged to first consult with their adviser, then make all final content decisions for student media before publication or broadcast? • Has an administrator or faculty member ever held your publication and not allowed its distribution? • Subject to reasonable time, place and manner restrictions for distribution of the publication, would students be able to report on a student walkout during school hours? • Would students at your school be able to report on clubs possibly considered controversial, such as for a gay and lesbian group? • During the past year, has your publication been restrained from distribution other than time, place, manner restriction? • Has any administrator or faculty member disciplined any publication student for a viewpoint he or she published or wanted to publish in the last year? • Has any advertisement or potential advertisement been blocked by an administrator or faculty member in the last year? • Has any student publication editor been dismissed or disciplined for publishing, attempting to publish or recommending a position on a topic? • Has your publication/media ever been told there are “off-limits” topics that cannot be published or broadcast? • Has any adviser been dismissed or fired, or threatened with dismissal or firing, because of a topic the publication covered or proposed to cover? • Has the journalism program faced removal from the curriculum because of threats based on coverage or proposed coverage of any topic? • Does your school system’s administration publicly support the responsibility of student publications/media to truthfully and accurately inform community citizens? Here are some questions some schools find challenging: • Have you allowed sources to read stories before publication in which their quotes appear? (It is OK to verbally check quotes with sources.) This can be a tough one if administrators or teachers demand to see stories. “I just want to be sure I’m quoted right,” or “Sometimes reporters don’t really understand the situation,” are both excuses that student journalists don’t k šY]K]YH[܂\\[ۈ]HY[[[HYH\[\[]HܞH۝B\x%[H\KXY[˜X][\\[H[[[Y[X[^H^HX^HYY\[ܙH]\]Y\[ۜ][[ݙ\HHܞB\H[˂(\[\]H[\][\•[HYZ]YH[›]\]H[\]Y\[[[X[\\[KZY[[\™ݙ\[H\Hو[\[[HHYY܈YX][ۘ[\\[\[\KœY[YYXH]X[YK(\HY[Y[[\YBH][H\YX\܂H۝[وHYHX]H܂[ٙX[\\XX][ۏ\\H[Hۜ\[ۈ\]Y]\\[[HXX \]B[Yݙ\XXYZ\]]ܚ]H[\YX\YYۈ]YH\K[\ܙ]8&\H[܈B]\ܝH\[Y[Y[ (X^HY[X\[\˜H\Yۈ[\ۛ[HY[XX][ۜX]O•]ۘ\]YZ[\]ܜ\™\\X\[%[™\ˈ[[BXX][ۈ\[][XH\[[[XH\[[RK\[\X]Bٙ\܈[[]x&\”و\[\H[X\[][X][ۈ[\X܈وH[\܈\X\[\B[H[\X“YYXH\X][ۋBܛY\ۙ\]‘[\[\HXX\وHYX\H\\Y\H\Y[وB\[\HYX][ۂ\X][ۋH\\وHY[\“][\&\Y\[[Z]YH܈]Y\ܞB[[[\XYقH\X\[\B]\[ۈوQRP