Adviser Update Adviser Update Winter 2018 - Page 20

throughout the Manchester community.” Stories posted to The Talon 2.0 Cyber Edition site are strictly news in nature. Longer features that include opinion and research are reserved for the news magazine’s print edition, which will be produced three times this year. One of the biggest benefits for student journalists is that they can see their work on the district website almost immediately. Our 85-minute classes allow for students to write a quick article, have it edited by one of our student editors in class, revise and edit, format the post to include a headline, image/ thumbnail, summary, keywords and categories, then submit it to be posted. Once an editor signs off on it, all I have to do is approve it to be posted, and it’s online in a matter of seconds. Our district is now disseminating Cyber Edition stories written by Manchester’s student journalists as a part of their news and events coverage, and a local newspaper picked up and ran a story about to the time it takes to produce a newspaper or a news magazine,” said Simonini. JILL OCONE, CJE Jill Ocone, CJE, has been an educator at Manchester Township High School, Manchester, New Jersey, for 17 years and counting. A two-time teacher of the year, she is vice president of the Garden State Scholastic Press Association. Jill is a regular contributor to Jersey Shore Magazine, to other Jersey Shore Publications guidebooks, and is nearly finished writing her first novel. our annual Veterans Recognition Ceremony w ][H[[܂Z][]\[و\\X[Z[[YZ[\][ۂ]Y][\ܚY\[[Y[YH] ]X\\\[H]Z\ܚ\ܝ[K[H\[\H[[YYX]K'H[ݚYH[ܛX][ۈ[]]H\\]H\\Y[\Y[YH[\][œܚY\]H[\HX[\\[][]H[XY\]Y[\HXHZ[Z\\[\Xܝ[\^HۙBX[ ]ܛ\[\X[[X[[YKY[\H]K]Y][™H][[ܙX][›][[YYXHY[[Y\X\[HZ\ۛ[HܚY\[H[][]H\HB\ܝ\ܘ[H[ܙB[]\Hܚ][[Y][›^[][[[ۈۈX[YYXKY[\[\˜\H[Y[\\[\Bܘ[H[H\\Y][][[Xܛ˜YHXZܜ[[\Y\\H[HX[Hق[][X][ۜ˂]XYHHY\[H܂\\]]\[ۙHXܛB\ܚY]\\B[[ۈ[\[\Y[\[\[ٙ\[ۘ[