Adviser Update Adviser Update Fall 2017 - Page 32

Quiz Grammar and Usage 1. The bidding war among/between two rival media companies turned bitter. 2. The salesman claimed that his product was superior to the conference host’s showing a lack of tack/tact. 3. If she were/was CEO, the firm would be solvent instead of on the verge of bankruptcy. 4. Perennial worries about gerrymandering/jerrymandering dogged the election. Take this sample grammar and usage quiz based on a previous year’s test. For more information about the Dow Jones News Fund’s internship programs, visit 5. Since the attorney general was convicted the call for impeachment was superfluous/supercilious. 6. Possessing 15 pounds of marijuana were/was grounds for arrest before the new law took effect. 7. The spectators were rushed off/off of the bleachers before they collapsed. 8. The attorney generals/attorneys general of 13 states sued to block federal regulations. 9. Everybody knew who’s/whose dog mauled the child. 10. Rebekah was the oldest/older of the couple’s four children. Answers: 1. between; 2. tact; 3. were; 4. gerrymandering; 5. superfluous; 6. was; 7. off; 8. attorneys general; 9. whose; 10. oldest The Dow Jones News Fund offers paid, prestigious summer internships in data journalism, digital media, business reporting and interactive news editing for digitally savvy college juniors, seniors and graduate students.