Adviser Update Adviser Update Fall 2017 - Page 26

she needs when she needs it is tough, and we will inevitably only get it right part of the time. But simply being aware that the entire staff won’t understand something after our brilliant lecture, or from one reading, or from a perfect PowerPoint may be enough to help us help our students. From the story: Rather than barking orders, or standing and watching, arms crossed — typical postures of authority — Kerr moved around the court, checking on players. If your media class looks a bit like a Warriors practice, with you wandering the room, checking in with reporters, offering quick advice, sharing a joke or a quick story ... well, that is great. role is to step up to whatever situation you encounter. Don’t forget “Yes, an 8)8'H\›YHY^]H8'X]\H8)8'BHHܞN[[ۙH&\Y[H\[ܜ[YBؘXHXۚ^\–HX[H[N[[[X\˂PSQKRBY\Y\[]\\[YX\܈ YX\]Y[H˜[]HY[[H]H[[ܘY]\]YH[[[ۈX8']\Y8'HHBY\ܛH[ L [&]]H\XX][۸&\[[&]]H\8&T[ٙXX[[’[ܝ[YKH[[\[XY[HܘYY[YYXB\X][ۈ\^X]]H\X܋XX[\[\[Y[™܈Y]]H[]\]Hق[\[XX[ٙ\[ۘ[ \H\HY[ً]\[Y]K]Y[H\H[[Y8'][ۙK8'H[وYB\H]K]X\[\[\[]H[[Y˜\]KYHXܘ][ۂ\[ܙH\[[[]YX[[X[H YۙHYۛܙ\š[]YX[[X[JKXX[ܚ][܈ܘY]B[]\]KHYH\\\Bۛ[KH\Hۙ\]‘[\[\HXX\وBYX\[ NNL[\Y[]Bۈ[Yو]H[][ۘ[[]YX[]\[ۛܜ\[\][ۘ[X[XZ\[\و]\HKH\YۈH\[\BYX][ۈ\܈X[HYX\[\H\\Y[وPKB\]YH[]\]Hو[BܙX]Y\[\\HYB\ܛX[H[[ܙH[[\݂] [HۛHYX\Hق][H[ZHYK][H[]YX[[[\]YBXܛ[[[[[ۜˈ[\[H[Y]H]8'H\H[\]\'O›ۛ[HXX][ۜY\[\B܈X[HYX\ˈ\\Y\[œ][ۈ\܈H[۝BXY^[HܙX]YH][]ܘY\[H[و MHY[\H]\YH