Adviser Update Adviser Update Fall 2017 - Page 24

Regis Jesuit High School (Colorado) adviser Adam Dawkins, CJE, explains depth of field to his RJTV broadcast students as they prepare for coverage of the total Solar Eclipse event on Aug. 20. Photo​ by Anastasia Conley ‘17, RJ Media Here are six excerpts and some quick commentary: From the story: “The moment the players see you making it about you, not the team — when the coach gets the endorsements and poses for magazine covers and hosts a radio show — you lose them.” It may be a combination of mind game and genuine humility, but advisers who abstain from referring to the media they advise as “my paper” or “my yearbook” or “my website” are establishing a team atmosphere, a feeling of “we are in this together.” This seems so simple, but a slight change to talking about “our” paper or yearbook or website can signify something profound. What stories did you hear? Adviser Tina Barber and Cherokee Trail (Colorado) students, Jessica Henderson and Marinda Villanueva, debrief their coverage of the eclipse on August 21, 2017. Members of the 2018 Legend Yearbook staff reported on the eclipse during their third day of school and worked with AP Photography students to expand their work as photojournalists. Photo by Genevieve Prejean