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A Novel Idea: Jounalism textbook with a twist By Sam Berkhead, IJNet I n recent months, high school journalists have made national headlines for pursuing stories that resulted in a principal’s resignation and increased scrutiny of school administrations. to fill the gap of news literacy among young people while encouraging them to pursue journalism as a career path. At the same time, young people everywhere struggle with news literacy. Research has shown that many students can’t distinguish real news from fake news, or mainstream news sources from fringe outlets. “Young people are being seen more as on the frontlines of reporting,” said Katina Paron, the book’s author and director of the NYC High School Journalism Collaborative. “With high school journalists in the news, students’ own work was coming to the spotlight, which helped people understand and see why it’s important.” Half graphic novel, half high school textbook, A NewsHound’s Guide to Student Journalism aims The book’s six chapters each focus on a different journalism topic, taking students on a journey into journalism’s challenges, rewards and ethical complexities. With narratives based on real-life scenarios (one chapter riffs on the Watergate investigation, with a character discovering election fraud at his school), a cast of relatable characters and engaging illustrations, Paron said the book will break out of the traditional media education model. “The comic book style helps conduce people into being interested in journalism, and they can see themselves in these characters,” Paron explained. “Not all these kids will go on to be journalists, but they’ll