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11 EICs led the presentation with smart and sometimes witty commentary. Freshmen laughed and cheered as they learned about who they were as a class. At the end of the presentation, the staff got a standing ovation. They told freshmen to look for the full results of the survey in the September issue. They shared information about how freshmen could get involved on our extracurricular staff. After this presentation, freshmen recognized our core leadership team of upperclassmen around campus. They also got their first glimpse of what real student leadership at the school looks like. Several freshmen who joined staff each year have cited the visibility of the freshman survey as one of the reasons they decided to get involved. honest answers) and enhancement ideas. After the presentation, the staff debriefed and started planning for print layout, which felt easier with many of the graphics and commentary already complete. They also wrote down suggestions for next year while the process was still fresh in everyone's minds. This debrief file included new questions, process notes (for instance, make sure the computer screens are facing away from the open area of the book sale so curious parents can't read student responses over their shoulders, resulting in less A program about which I was initially skeptical about has turned into an important teambuilder, as well as an anticipated feature of freshman orientation and in our first issue of the year. The freshman survey inspires curiosity, builds relationships, and helps our team to publicly identify as journalists and student leaders as they move into the new school year. In year two, the editors were able to draw comparisons to the previous year's data without inferring trends. One class might just be different from another— for instance, the fact that the Class of 2020 identified as an inch shorter than the Class of 2019 is not yet a trend. They have decided to keep a core list of about 25 questions consistent from year- to-year, so we can hopefully draw some trends in the future. They also decided to add some extra features to the print edition of the survey, like suggestions for campus life, and to write the staff editorial in the September issue addressed to the freshman class. Alumni editors have helped to coach the new team on the survey each year. "My favorite part of the survey is being able to learn a great deal about the incoming class before anyone else does," Rowley said. "The survey as a whole always is a great eye-opener that the people who comprise Malvern are much more varied than what we may initially believe." By launching our year with the freshman survey, we learned a lot about the incoming class, but perhaps even more about our staff dynamics as a team, and what it would be like to work together for the rest of the year. K ATE PLOWS Kate Plows advises The Friar’s Lantern newspaper and website at Malvern Preparatory School in Malvern, Pennsylvania, where she also teaches graphic design and ceramics. Her students won Pennsylvania Student Journalist of the Year in 2016 and 2017, the 2016 JEA Impact Award, 2017 JEA Aspiring Young Journalist, and other state and national recognition. Kate is the 2017-2018 Pennsylvania School Press Association Journalism Teacher of the Year. CLASS OF 2019 SURVEY ON ISSUU CLASS OF 2020 SURVEY ON ISSUU