Adviser Fall 2018 Vol 1 - Page 37

services of Virtual Concierge based on the suggestions shared by older adults at Sarah Neuman. In response to requests to be able to play specific songs, Soundmind will be incorporating a music streaming service. Jewish Home’s therapeutic recreation leaders mentioned that clients would like Alexa to recite spiritual readings when prompted, so the organizations are working together to meet their request. In addition to personalizing Virtual Concierge based on client preferences, Jewish Home is exploring ways the technology can be used to complement and strengthen existing programs, especially those that help improve the quality of life for older adults with dementia. As the first skilled nursing facility to collaborate with Inspired Memory Care, Jewish Home’s Westchester campus is providing rehab patients with memory impairments and their caregivers a strengths-based approach to meeting the unique needs of this population. Sarah Neuman also recently earned Comfort Matters® accreditation, a program that implements evidence-based best practices in dementia care that emphasize residents’ comfort. A comprehensive health care system for older adults, The New Jewish Home is beginning to examine how it can expand Virtual Concierge so that clients of its community-based programs can also benefit from this personalized technology. “Our Virtual Concierge program has been incredibly successful for our clients and staff at Jewish Home,” said Sandra Mundy, Administrator of The New Jewish Home’s Westchester campus. “As a system that is focused on empowering older adults to enhance purpose and well-being, we look forward to continuing to embrace technology to engage, inform and meet the needs of our clients.” Virtual Concierge in a Resident’s Room For many older adults, being able to easily connect to their personalized care team, find out what’s on the menu and enjoy music of their choice (“Sinatra” remains one of the most frequent requests) is empowering. 36