Adviser Fall 2018 Vol 1 - Page 29

The goal is to foster a culture of reciprocity that brings people of all ages, backgrounds and financial means together to support one another. Seniors are much more comfortable asking for and accepting help when they know they can “pay it forward” by helping someone else, Blech says. This may also increase the likelihood that they will ask for medical help when they need it instead of allowing chronic health problems to go untreated, potentially heading off preventable ER visits and hospitalizations. TimeBank also provides a powerful support network for seniors enrolled in ArchCare’s Program of All- Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plan. By embedding TimeBank into its health plans, ArchCare is able to measure how reduced isolation and increased social engagement affect seniors’ emotional and physical well-being and influence specific health outcomes over time. The results speak for themselves. Of PACE and MLTC participants who engage regularly with other TimeBank members by phone or in person for six months, 77 percent say their mental health has improved since they joined the program and 44 percent report better physical health. Four out of five seniors say they feel less alone since joining TimeBank, 63 percent say their quality of life has improved and 29 percent report having more friends. TimeBank doesn’t just enable 91-year-old Edith to continue living in the apartment and community she loves. The memoir-writing workshops she leads allow her to give something very personal in return. For Edith, the joy she hears in her students’ voices as they share their life stories with the group is the most meaningful gift she could ever receive. Learn more about ArchCare TimeBank at Clarita has always suffered the lifelong stigma of being a little person. Then, she was hit by a cab, leaving her in a wheelchair and unable to leave her home without assistance. After joining the ArchCare TimeBank, Clarita was matched with Carmen, who helps her get out of her house and where she needs to go. In return, Clarita tutors Carmen’s two young daughters, renewing her sense of purpose in life and alleviating her loneliness. 28