Adviser Fall 2018 Vol 1 - Page 27

methodologies and workforce challenges are just a few major moving parts. Managing any change, even a minor one, throughout an organization can be difficult. Imagine now, in the midst of all of these challenges, that you’ve been notified of something major – like a change in ownership! That is the change that we are dealing with in my organization. The timing of this announcement and the subsequent challenges for me and my team coincided with my IGNITE Leadership Academy experience, which provided me with an unexpected support during one of the most challenging times of my career. One of the first tasks that a leader must accomplish in order to lead a team through change is to decide – decide your own path, your own journey and contemplate a direction for the team. Just like a captain on a ship using a compass, navigating any change can be accomplished if the leader has and uses the right tools. Relationships are important as well and they must be built before you are in a crisis. Relationships forged through camaraderie in advance of our struggle have helped to create an armor of protection for the leadership team against the stressors and struggles we encounter through the journey of change. Through the IGNITE Leadership Academy, I developed and refined several skills, including communication, team building and using my defining moments to help form my future. Exercising and sharing those skills are proving to be building blocks to our organization’s strength and perseverance. Fear of the unknown has been our worst enemy and we have navigated that fear as a team through openness, active listening, connectivity and building on previous experiences and successes – all skills I have learned at IGNITE and shared with my team. The LeadingAge New York IGNITE Leadership Academy is a professional development program designed to facilitate the development and growth of senior living leaders in the state. The academy focuses on internal and external relationship building, the sharing of best practices and a passion for continuous learning. It is exclusively for members of LeadingAge New York and our affiliates. For more information on IGNITE Leadership Academy, please contact Diane Darbyshire, facilitator and senior policy analyst, LeadingAge New York, at 518-867-8383 or Leadership Academy facilitators, coaches and class of 2018 26