Adviser Fall 2018 Vol 1 - Page 25

of Rango participants who had suppressed VL at Rango initiation remained in the same VL range at last observation, a relationship that was statistically significant (P < 0.01). These results suggest that Rango is a potentially effective technology platform for helping individuals maintain their VL suppression. Future Outlook Positive user experience and preliminary research results demonstrating the effects of the Rango platform on health care utilization, expenditures and HIV outcomes indicate that Rango had an overall positive effect on both the lives of program participants and the health care system in general. Over time, Rango may be tailored for plans and providers trying to meet the needs of various patient populations, along with various chronic illness diagnoses. VillageCare is proud of Rango’s success in helping individuals to better manage their HIV and continues to explore innovative ways to utilize this effective self-management tool to help individuals fighting HIV or other chronic conditions. Participant Experience Qualitative data on the participant experience using the Rango platform is overall very positive. While active, the application maintained a 4.5 Star average review on the Google Play App Store and was regarded as “a fun and convenient resource.” Rango testimonials included the following: “It is wonderful to have a place or people to converse with and feel comfortable. When I was diagnosed in 2003 I felt alone. I had no one other than my husband…Today life is better.” “Thanks to Rango for keeping me on track, I’m forever grateful for having a support system.” “I love this site. It’s very helpful. I’m glad I have the opportunity to communicate with people dealing with the same issues. Thumbs up.” 24