Adviser Fall 2018 Vol 1 - Page 23

New York Non-Profits are, once again, outperforming their peers, faring 1 percent better than New York For-Profit Nursing Homes, 3 percent better than New York State and 23 percent better than the nation. While these are short-stay measures and the new measure is long-stay, and New York Non-Profits are outperforming their peers, Non-Profits still may benefit from reviewing their policies and practices regarding transfer to the hospital, orientation, training and competencies of nursing staff, initiating programs like INTERACT and researching innovative care alternatives to improve their performance now and prepare for the possible impact of the new measure. Number of Hospitalizations Per 1,000 Long-Stay Resident Days was reported on NHC in October 2018 and will be used to calculate the quality measure domain of the Five-Star Quality Rating System in the spring of 2019. For more information on Quality Apex, please contact Marguerite Carroll, business development liaison, LeadingAge New York, at 518-867-8383 or Know Your Data… • Quality Metrics is a member benefit and can be accessed at • The Five-Star Analysis Report is a LeadingAge New York member benefit, and member facilities are provided with a quarterly email link to their report in January, April, July and October. • Quality Apex, a Minimum Data Set (MDS)-based software analytics program, provides subscribers with their quality measure rates based on their most recent MDS upload. 22