Adviser Fall 2018 Vol 1 - Page 10

Spotlight Meet Kevin Horrigan Associate Vice President of Public Affairs, People Inc. Incoming President, LeadingAge New York Housing Cabinet What is your vision for the LeadingAge New York Housing Cabinet? I am new, and I realize I am new. From what I have seen from members of the Cabinet and LeadingAge staff, I want to learn from them. They are extremely knowledgeable, and if I may add, everyone is so nice! I have been involved in housing on and off for 25 years or so, but not living and breathing it daily. That being said, my vision is to (1) take all of this exceptional knowledge and add to the efforts to make us a force politically; and (2) get our issues and stories out to the media, obviously with approval and involvement of the Cabinet, LeadingAge staff and Board. How did you develop an interest in the aging services field? As I said, I have background in housing. I never had any experience with the issue of aging until I started at People Inc. When I started here and saw the passion my boss, now our CEO, Rhonda Frederick, had for improving the lives of our aging population, I became passionate too. As a believer in government making the lives of people better, I saw what programs like HUD 202 could do and the smiles on our tenants’ faces, and I was touched. Did you have a mentor or a person who significantly affected the direction of your career or life? I interned in the office of Congressmember Brian Higgins when he was a member of the City of Buffalo Common Council in the late 80s. His passion, tenacity and belief that government can make things better has always impacted me. Rhonda Frederick and her belief that not-for-profits can do the same has also motivated me. I like working for, and with, go-getters with a positive attitude. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? Obviously, none of my accomplishments are just mine. I have been part of many great things because of the people I have worked with throughout my career. I have also been part of great things because of the support of my wife and our two boys (ages 18 and 21) and the fact that we have mutual interest in politics, history, current events, sports and music. I would like to leave it there! What would surprise readers about you? I don’t know if there is anything, and if I shared, it wouldn’t be a surprise! What’s the best advice you ever received? I have been given good advice over the years from my parents, mentors and friends. However, actions speak louder than words. I am more about watching and learning from people and trying to replicate my own way. 9 Adviser a publication of LeadingAge New York | Fall 2018