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Full page ads in New Jersey Stage magazine run in rotation on the mobile website as well. ads. Advertising on NJStage. com is effective because we do not try cramming as many ads on a page as possible. We run ads alongside the content, not inside it. We also do not run ads that take up a user’s entire screen or run pop-up ads. We believe the way we present ads offers a better user experience and the more people are comfortable with a website, the more they will return. Ads on our website also benefit from being placed alongside relevant content. NJStage.com offers a comprehensive event calendar that cov- ers the entire state. Anyone can add their events to the calendar for free, but we regularly maintain event listings for our advertisers. It’s another benefit of being in the magazine. Advertisers under long-term contracts of 6x or 12x issues receive bonus banner ad space inside a special section that allows them to run as many different banner ads as they wish - all for less than the price of a single banner ad elsewhere. We’re changing the rules of advertising and truly giving advertisers more for their ad dollars.