NJ Stage - Page 5

First Issue: July 2014 Mission: Provide a monthly arts & entertainment publication that takes advantage of digital features, interactivity, and social media. brings print ads to the new era. Full page ads look terrific on the phone. We make print ads interactive through links back to your website and social media channels. We can even “jazz up” your ad with the addition of audio or video either directly in your ad or as a pop-up. Full page ads runs in the magazine and in rotation for the month on our daily website as a giant 400x518 banner ad. In addition to the full page magazine ad, we provide two compli- mentary banner ads (970x120 and 300x250) in rotation for the month as part of our fullpage package. Banners ads like these generally cost as much as your magazine ad alone. We also go beyond the capabilities of print and allow full page ads to be changed up to four times in a month! You can have a different ad each week or run the same message for four weeks straight. The choice is yours.