Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 74

What products attracted complaints? Of the 36 product categories recorded, two categories accounted for just under half (49.8 per cent) of the complaints in 2016. These were food and beverages (26.26 per cent) and automotive (23.54 per cent). Food and beverage topped the list in 2016 due to one advertisement which raised a significant number of complaints, with automotive second due to a series of advertisements by one other advertiser. The product category of leisure and sport (12.15 per cent) saw a large spike in comparison to previous records also due to a series of advertisement from one advertiser. Food and Beverages Automotive Leisure & Sport Entertainment Insurance Lingerie Community Awareness Finance/Investment Sex Industry House goods/services Vehicles Alcohol Clothing Gambling Toiletries Professional services Travel The entertainment category was the only other product category which received more than five per cent of all complaints (5.31 per cent), with insurance product advertisement just under at 4.34 per cent. Complaints about community awareness advertisement dropped below the five per cent (3.58 per cent) for only the second recorded time since records have been kept. Lingerie increased slightly to 3.74 per cent of all complaints with finance (3.04 per cent) the only other category to attract more than three per cent of complaints. Of the product categories listed, less than one per cent of complaints were recorded against 20 categories. Several product categories received no complaints, including tourist attractions, religion and restaurants. Hardware/machinery Retail Health Products Bars and Clubs Media Toys & Games Real Estate Education Employment Telecommunications Mobile Phone/SMS Information Technology Slimming Beauty Salon Office goods/services Other Religion/Beliefs Restaurants Tourist Attractions 0% 72 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Advertising Standards Bureau