Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 73

Which medium were cases seen and heard on? Of the advertisements complained about which were raised as cases, the vast majority (40.45 per cent) were advertisements seen on television, this is consistent with previous years. A further 7.47 per cent of advertisements complained about were seen on Pay TV. Advertisement appearing on On-Demand TV raised 0.69 per cent of cases. Posters accounted for the second highest overall percentage of cases (7.99 per cent) and radio the third at 7.81 per cent. These were followed closely by Internet (social media) at 7.64 per cent of cases and Internet at 7.47 per cent. Cases about static billboards dropped by two per cent to 5.90 per cent, with cases about mobile billboards decreasing to almost zero, at 0.17 per cent of cases. Other mediums with less than five per cent include transport (4.34 per cent), print (2.26 per cent), cinema (2.08 per cent) mail (1.39 per cent) and email (1.22 per cent). Other mediums each accounted for less than one per cent of cases. Review of Operations 2016 40.45% TV 7.99% Poster 7.81% Radio 7.64% Social Media $ 7.47% Internet 7.47% Pay TV 5.90% Billboard 4.34% Transport 2.26% Print 2.08% Cinema 1.56% Outdoor 1.39% Mail 1.22% Email 1.04% Out of home TV 0.69% TV - On demand 0.52% Promo 0.17% Billboard Mobile 0.00% App 0.00% SMS 0.00% Flying banner 71