Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 68

Advertising complaints statistics In 2016 the ASB received 5,529 complaints, the second highest number of complaints in the past 10 years, although close to the record number of complaints received in 2014 (5,735). From the 5,529 complaints the board considered 533 advertisements, with an additional 43 withdrawn by advertisers before Board consideration. Of the advertisements considered, 71 advertisements were found to breach the Codes or Initiatives. The higher level of complaint numbers in 2016 corresponded to a higher than average number of actual advertisements complained about. The total number of separate advertisements complained about (595) matched the number of advertisements complained about in 2009. In the 10 years to 2016 the average number of advertisements receiving complaints per year is 525. category came in a close second at 23.54 per cent. Both of these categories had higher than usual complaint percentages due to one or two advertisements which received a high level of complaint. The percentage of complaints received from most States and Territories remained consistent with previous years, with the only slight change being that complaints from South Australia dropped by just more than two per cent from 8.95 per cent in 2015 to 6.61 per cent in 2016. Number of advertisements considered and outcome of complaints Of the total 5,529 complaints received, 914 complaints were in relation to advertisements previously considered by the Board. Of the 914 complaints about already considered advertisements, 578 complaints were about advertisements which had been complained about earlier in 2016 but the Board found did not breach the Code. In 2016 discrimination and vilification was the most complained about issue accounting for 27.23 per cent of complaints. Complaints about the issue of sex, sexuality and nudity dropped slightly from 27.32 per cent of complaints 2015 to just 22.74 per cent in 2016. Violence came in third highest at 17.98 per cent. A total of 115 complaints were assessed as raising issues under th e Code of Ethics that the Board has consistently considered not in breach of the Codes. Advertisements for food and beverages topped the product category list in 2016, with 26.26 per cent There were 573 complaints against the 71 advertisements which were found to breach the of all complaints. The automotive product 66 Code, with the remaining 462 ads accounting for 4,242 complaints. Compared to the total number of advertisements considered by the Board, the number of advertisements found to breach the code equated to an upheld rate of 13.32 per cent. On receiving advice that there had been a complaint 43 advertisers removed their advertisement prior to consideration by the Board. This is the highest recorded number of advertisements withdrawn. When complaints against advertisements were upheld by the Board, the vast majority of advertisers removed or modified their advertisement from broadcast or publication. One advertiser accounted for 11 of the 17 advertisements which were not removed or modified. The majority of advertisers complying with Board decisions demonstrates the advertising industry’s continuing support and understanding of its obligations and responsibilities of adherence to the AANA Code of Ethics and other Codes and Initiatives and to the system of advertising self-regulation. A total of 4,815 complaints were received about the 533 advertisements considered by the Board. Advertising Standards Bureau