Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 65

Independent Reviewers An independent review process for Advertising Standards Board (Board) decisions has been in place since April 2008. The process provides the community and advertisers a channel through which they can appeal decisions made by the Advertising Standards Board. Independent Reviewers are Victoria Rubensohn AM and Robin Creyke. Victoria Rubensohn AM Robin Creyke Victoria Rubensohn is the current Convenor of the Classification Review Board and since 1991 has been Principal of international communications consultancy Omni Media, which specialises in communications regulatory policy. She is a consumer representative member of the Mobile Premium Services Code Review Panel and is a member of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network Standing Advisory Committee. Law and public administration has been a focus of Emeritus Professor Robin Creyke’s practice, research and teaching. She is an emeritus professor at the Australian National University and a senior (sessional) member of the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Victoria is a board member of the Communications Law Centre and Director and Company Secretary of Media Access Australia. She has worked in radio and television in Australia and the USA and is a member of the Royal Television Society (UK). Victoria has worked extensively internationally in communications institution- building and is co-creator of a United Nations Convention on Disaster Communications. Victoria has chaired government and non-government bodies and committees including: • Chair of the National Film and Sound Archive • Chair of the Telephone Information Services Standards Council for 15 years • Chair of the Federal Government’s Copyright Convergence Group • Chair of the Federal Government’s Digital Radio Advisory Committee • Victoria has been a Member of the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal and a Member of the Immigration Review Tribunal. She is a former President of the Communications and Media Law Association and has also been a member of the Copyright Law Review Committee. Victoria was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2004. Until recently, Ms Creyke was a senior (executive) member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, as well as spending 11 years as a member of the Administrative Review Council (1999-2010) and five years as Commissioner of the ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC 2001-2006). Her work as an Integrity Adviser with the Australian Tax Office (2006-2009) was instrumental in increasing the robustness of the agency’s integrity framework. Since 2012, Professor Creyke has been a member of the Federal Litigation Committee o ѡ)1܁ չɅݡ́)ɵɕمЁɕЁѥ٥ѥ́)Ʌѥܸٔ]Ёѡ% I ȁݽɬ)ٽٕٕЁյȁ́́ݕ)ٕ́ЁɅݽɬȁѡ% Ie)́ʹ)Aɽͽȁ ɕ孔ٕ́䁥ѕɕ)ɥչٕ́ɹЁ́ɕ͕́)ѥѕɹѥЁѡ́ɕQ)ѥ͔́ɕѕѡЁՉѥ)ɕѕѼȸ%ѡɕɅѥٔ)́͡ɥѕȁѕ̰ݼ)Ʌٕ́Ȁѕ́ѥ̰)ɔѡݡݕɔɕɕɹ́)٥ѕՉѥ̸)Aɽͽȁ ɕ孔ٕ́ Ʉ)ɔѥ́ɑ݅͡)ɕ᥹ݥѠɥ̸)Yѽɥ́ ȁ̀M呹䤰5ѕ)́mٕɹtM呹䤰 )1̀U9M\5ѕȁ!յ)I M呹䤸)I٥܁=Ʌѥ̀(