Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 57

Motor vehicles - (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Code of Practice for Motor Vehicle Advertising) In 2016 there were 10 cases considererd under the FCAI Code, with one advertisement found to breach the Code. along shots of the speedometer are shown. By the final scene the speedomoter has reached 206 miles an hour (Bentley Motors Ltd – 0230/16). This advertisement was also upheld under Clause 2(b). Depictions of unsafe driving Clause 2(a) of the FCAI Code states: Advertisers should not depict unsafe driving, including reckless and menacing driving that would breach any Commonwealth law or the law of any State or Territory. Complaints under this Section generally include motor vehicles travelling at excessive speed, sudden changes in direction or speed of a motor vehicle, deliberately and unnecessarily setting motor vehicles on a collision course, or the apparent and deliberate loss of control of a moving motor vehicle. There were eight advertisements considered under this Section in 2016, with one advertisement found to breach the FCAI Code. Complaints were dismissed for: • An internet advertisement for the Bentley Continental GT Speed is preceded with information advising that the vehicle is driven by John Bowe, former racing driver and it is driven in controlled conditions on a section of the Stuart Highway with an unrestricted speed limit. The focus is on the speed able to be achieved by the car and as the car drives Review of Operations 2016 An internet advertisement depicting a stripped back prototype Volkswagen Amarok in a testing environment set in open country to demonstrate its four-wheel drive and off-road capability. The ‘prototype’ is driven through open terrain by a ‘precision driver’ dressed in protective clothing and wearing a helmet, crossing open terrain, traversing a small rise, cornering and travelling through very shallow water (Volkswagen Group • An internet advertisement depicting a vehicle driving on a scenic mountain route. The marketing campaign focuses on the vehicles performance rather than the “actors” performance to sell the vehicle with the final proposition “For those who buy the car and not the ad”. A super appears at the end of the advertisement that reads “ŠKODA Octavia, 0-100 in 6.9 seconds” (Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited – 0437/16). • A Pay-TV advertisement featuring vehicles driving through long plains, straight dessert roads, and through industrial areas. The on-screen text includes, ‘Ultimate Power’, ‘Ultimate Action’, ‘Ultimate Control’, ‘Ultimate Thrills’, ‘Ultimate Style’, ‘Ultimate Design’, ‘Ultimate Luxury’, and ‘Ultimate Driving Experience’ (BMW Group Australia – 0466/16). This advertisement was also considered under Clause 2(b). Australia Pty Limited – 0205/16). • The advertisement found to breach this Clause of the FCAI Code was: • driver training in Volkwagens. After they have completed their training they take their unsuspecting family members out for a drive on the race track and proceed to scare and amaze them with their new driving skills which include cornering at speed and zig-zagging between cones (Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited – 0425/16). This advertisement was also considered under Clause 2(b). • An internet advertisement depicting a vehicle driving through picturesque mountains to a ferry port. A couple emerge and the man states “If we take the ferry we could save an hour”. The female responds with “challenge accepted”. The couple get back into the C-Class Coupe and drive through the Alps (Mercedes-Benz Aust/Pacific P/L – 0231/16). This advertisement was also considered under Clause 2(b). An internet advertisement depicting two members of the public, a bird watcher and a callisthenics teacher, described as ordinary drivers. These two drivers are taken to a secret training facility to be given intense 55