Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 55

to breach the Initiative. Two were online advertisements, two were via social media channels, one was on a poster; and one was broadcast on free to air television. Key issues to be drawn from cases considered by the Board during 2016 were: • • the Board determining although advertisements were attractive to children they were not directly primarily to children under 12; did not appear in media directed primarily to children; or did not appear in media attracting an audience share of greater than 35 per cent, and therefore the RCMI did not apply. - - A video advertisement showing several teenage boys training to play basketball, Nestle Australia Ltd: 0297/16 (TV) and 0298/16 (Internet – Social Other). - - An animated internet advertisement featuring a male voice over describing a story about two best friends - including a square of Dairy Milk walking along a path, Mondelez Australia Pty Ltd: 0300/16. - - An internet advertisement featuring colourful images and text including, “Create your own LCMs Handball Legends highlight reel this school holidays!”, Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd: 0421/16. - - A poster advertisement featuring a cartoon lion holding a Twirly Pop, Unilever Australasia: 0465/16. the Board determining an advertisement was directly primarily to children and did not meet the criteria for a healthier choice product. - - A fifteen second film clip on YouTube showing two young children playing on a beach who discover a treasure chest with a Twirly Pop hovering inside, Unilever Australasia: 0512/16. Review of Operations 2016 53