Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 51

The Board has also dismissed a number of complaints under Section 2.6 of the Code. The Board’s view is: • • Advertising which mentions suicide in an appropriate way which is unlikely to undermine the serious issue will not breach this section of the Code. - - Highlighting the high suicide rates of returned servicemen and women (Walking Wounded – 0080/16). - - Advertising for the movie Suicide Squad (Roadshow Film Distributors – 0306/16, 0351/16 and 0358/16). • While kissing a dog, or allowing a dog to lick your face or mouth, is not to be encouraged, it is not of itself a breach of prevailing community standards on health and safety. - - A puppy licking a girl’s face (Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd – 0033/16). While infant car safety is a significant issue, advertising which depicts parents forgetting a child is in the car, when the child is not left unattended in the car and is old enough to get themselves out of the car, will not be seen as a breach of this section of the Code. - - • • A television advertisement where parents having a conversation forget that their daughter is in the back seat (Volkswagen – 0429/16). There is significant comm չ䁍ɸ)ЁѡɽѥȁɅЁ)չѡ䁉ݕ̰ݕٕȁٕѥͥ)ݡ́ЁɅչݕа)́͡ѡ䁱́́)ɕ͕ЁѕɥݡݽձɅѼ)ɕمչхɑ́Ѡ)ͅ䁥ɕѥѼ䁥(ݽ͍ɥ܁͡Ёݕ)ɔݕͥѡٕѥ͕)ɽՍЀ!ᤁ!=L̼ؤ(aͭdݕЁ́ɽՍ(AɵɅ́1̃L؁(ؼؤ)]ٕѥͥ͡ձٽɵͥ)ɽɥє٥́Ս́ѡаѡ)٥ȁ́Ё́ݸɅٕ)չхɑ́Ѡͅ()хمɥ䁽́ɽ)ѕՑɽ(M͉ЃLؤ)I٥܁=Ʌѥ̀(