Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 50

- - • A man strapping a chicken to his back, before another man lets a dog loose to chase him (Aussie Broadband – 0068/16). • Advertising which is consistent with safe working practices will not breach Section 2.6 of the Code. - - A man and his son changing a tyre at night (Energizer Australia – 0404/16). - - A boat pulling away from a boat ramp (Isuzu UTE Australia Pty Ltd – 0129/16). - - Fantastical elements When considering advertisements under Section 2.6, the Board can dismiss health and safety concerns if the imagery has elements of fantasy and are obviously unlikely or fictitious. The Board’s view is: • A meerkat character propelling himself in an office chair by using a fire extinguisher ( – 0432/16). - - Someone in a chicken suit riding a skateboard down a mountain without a helmet (Yum Restaurants International – 0028/16). - - The Board has upheld a number of advertisements for showing unsafe behaviour in the home. The Board’s view is: • Advertisements which undermine the important issue of fire safety will be upheld, even where the scenarios in the advertisements are humorous and unlikely. - - 48 • A man starting a BBQ with a large amount of lighter fluid (Sportsbet – 0071/16). - - A baby seated in a baby-chair on a kitchen bench, when the baby-chair product advises it should only be used on the floor (Mitsubishi Electric Australia – 0362/16). - - A child cooking on a realistic-looking toy stove (Caputo and Sons – 0070/16). Advertising which shows a potentially unsafe setup for a cot or nursery may not breach this section of the Code if the unsafe setup is shown only briefly and is not the focus of the advertisement. - - • A man using parts of his body to flick peanuts into the air and catch them with his mouth (iSelect Pty Ltd – 0275/16). Safety in the home A baby with a large elephant shaped cushion, where the accompanying text suggested the toy could be left in a baby’s cot overnight (Favworld – 0508/16). The Board often receives complaints about some activities where safety equipment or practices are advised, but not required. In these cases the Board will often dismiss the complaints as the activities shown are not contrary to prevailing community standards. The Board’s view is: • Advertising which features people on boats or watercraft will often receive complaints if they are not clearly wearing life jackets, however if the craft is stationary or close to shore or the occupants are wearing other inflatable safety devices the advertising will not breach this section of the Code. - - Advertisements where people are shown on a stationary boat in calm waters, not wearing life jackets include: Lion (0574/16) and Fair Dinkum Sheds (0164/16). - - Advertisement where a man on a board is wearing some kind of floatation device include: Suzuki Marine (0420/16) and Yamaha Motor Aust Pty Ltd (0221/16). The Board also considered a number of complaints in this area to not breach S ѥȸ)ѡ Q ɓé٥܁)ٕѥͥݡ́٥ͱ䁙хѥ)չѼх͕ɥͱ䁉䁵)́ѡչݥЁ͕)́ɕMѥȸظ()Mݥɕѕѥչͅ)ͥՅѥ́ѡݡ䁉)䁽ѡȁɕȁɕ́ɕձЁ)䰁ݥɕѡ )ɕЁݽȁ͉)͍ͥѡȁɔ͕ݡɔ)ѡЁ́ͥՅѕȁݥ́ݥѠ)̀I%ɅLؤ)ٕѥͥݡ́́͡)ɽɥѕ٥͕ݡͥՅѥ)ѡЁ䁽ѡݥ͔չͅЁɕ)ɕمչхɑ́Ѡ)ͅ()=ѡȁѠͅ䁥Օ)Mѥȸ؁ѡ ͕ٕ͔́)ɅՕ́ݡɅ͔չ䁍ɹ)Ёѕɥ́ɅѼɕمхɑ́)Ѡͅ)Q ɓé٥܁+$)䁍х̰ѽ)ͱ䁑Lȼؤ)Aɽѕѥٔ)ٕѥͥݡ́͡)ѥ٥ѥ́ݡɕեɔͅ䁕եа͡ձ)Յ͡܁ͥѡЁͅ䁕եи)Q ɓé٥܁+$)ٕѥͥݡ́͡٥)ѽɍ危ݥѡЁ̰ݥɕѡ)͕ѥѡ ɕɑ́ѡ́)ѡչݡɔѡٕѥ͕Ё͕݅́и()ɥ٥ѽɍ危)͕ȁх1Ʉ)5LԼؤ)ٕѥͥݡ́͡)٥ȁѡЁݽձɕѡܰ)չ䁵ȁȰݥ)͕ѼɅѼɕمչ)хɑ́Ѡͅ(+$)͍͡ݥѕ)ɽٕ䁑ɥٕȀ5 Ʌ)9܁iLؤ)ٕѥͥݡɕɕ́եݥѡ)ɽ٥Ё͕٥́ɵѥ)݅ݡɥ٥͕́ȁɵ͕́ѡ)͕ɥ́Քݥ͕ѼɕMѥ(ȸ؁ѡ ()ݽݥѠɅ܁͔ɽչ)ȁѡݽɑ̃q͕ͅ)ɥɕ͕́A ձ她ѡ)ݽɭt5ɥLмؤ)ٕѥͥMхɑ́ ɕ