Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 49

Gambling • The Board considers the genuine community concern regarding excessive gambling and notes the problems associated with gambling for certain members of society. Further information about gambling can be found on the gambling and wagering issues pages. - - • The Board’s view is: • The promotion of wagering products is legal, and as such it is reasonable for an advertiser to promote their products, as long as they are not encouraging an excessive or unhealthy level of gambling. • - - Use of the words ‘everyday value’ (Tabcorp – 0288/16). - - A punter being interviewed like he is a sports star (Tabcorp – 0222/16). Advertisements for gambling may include some elements which are attractive to children, if the main topic and tone of the advertisement is directed to adults. - - A fictional education institution where people can learn how to bet (Ubet – 0167/16). Bullying (non-violent) Behaviour which may be considered to be bullying is considered by the Board under Section 2.6 for non-violent bullying or Section 2.3 for violent acts. Advertising where a negative comment is made about someone in a way that is over-the-top and ridiculous will not be considered bullying. Advertising which depicts people interacting with each other in a friendly and joking way will not be seen as bullying where there is no negative reaction from any of the people. - - A depiction of the difference between ‘mates’ and ‘real mates’ including a scene where a ‘real mate’ drops his friend’s keys down a grate to prevent him from drink driving (Road Safety Advisory Council – 0548/16). Complaints about motor vehicle advertisements are considered under the FCAI code, but advertisements which are not for cars but include driving scenes may be considered under Section 2.6 for health and safety concerns. • Advertising which shows unsafe driving will breach Section 2.6 of the Code. - - A woman standing in a vehicle with her head and arms out of the sunroof (Super Cheap Auto – 0564/16). - - Vehicles racing through city streets (Super Cheap Auto – 0532/16). The Board also dismissed a number of complaints in relation to this section of the Code. The Board’s view is: • Depictions of animated vehicles racing in advertisements for video games will not be seen to encourage unsafe driving on actual roads. A video game which depicted footage from the game (Microsoft – 0459/16). - - A man driving under the influence of alcohol and being arrested (Road Safety Commission WA – 0584/16). - - A woman having an accident after texting on a mobile phone while driving (AICS –0008/16). The Board has considered a number of complaints concerning unsafe behaviour in advertisements and found that they breached the Code. The Board’s view is: • Advertising which shows a product being used incorrectly in a manner which could result in injury may breach this section of the Code. - - • The Board has upheld a number of advertisements for promoting unsafe driving practices. The Board’s view is: - - Review of Operations 2016 A series of advertisements where a representative of a hardware store makes comments about a group of tradies not being ‘tough’ enough and suggesting that they use inferior products (HTH Group – 0460/16, 0261/16, 0233/16 and 0260/16). Depicting a person driving a car while engaged in unsafe behaviour will not be considered a breach of the Code, if the negative consequences of this action are also depicted in the advertisement. Unsafe behaviour Unsafe driving The Board’s view is: • A loaf of bread calls a man ‘shiny lobster face’ because he is sunburnt (Aldi Australia – 0594/16). Advertising which shows someone making over-the-top comments about a person or group of people in a tongue-in-cheek way, will not be considered bullying if the reaction of the people to the comments are not negative. - - • A tradie cutting his sandwich with a drop saw (HTH Group – 0406/16). Advertising which suggests that to be a supermodel you can only have water as a meal is seen as promoting an unsafe eating behaviour. - - A reference to a free bottle of water as a ‘supermodel’s lunch’ (Liquor Alliance – 0006/16). The Board considered a number of advertisements which raised issues of unsafe behaviour to not breach the Code, determining that the behaviours shown were in line with community standards. The Board’s view is: • Advertising which raises safety concerns about behaviours which are unlikely to be copied by children and are in line with prevailing community standards of health and safety will generally not be see HBXXوX[ۈ H HHX[[H؜H[Z[][H] T[X8$ MKH HHX[X][H\XYZHH[YܙY[XXH8$ KMK