Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 48

Health and safety (Section 2.6, AANA Code of Ethics) Section 2.6 of the Code states: Advertising or Marketing Communications shall not depict material contrary to Prevailing Community Standards on health and safety. Section 2.6 of the Code applies to health and safety issues and covers a diverse range of concerns including wearing the correct protective gear, bike and motor vehicle safety, safe practices around animals and depictions of smoking, drinking and gambling and even bullying. The Board must uphold complaints where an advertisement depicts material that is contrary to prevailing community standards on health and safety under Section 2.6 of the Code. There are no defined community standards under this Section; it is the Board’s role to present its views on what an appropriate community standard is considered to be in relation to a particular issue. Health and safety concerns raised by complainants dropped significantly in 2016 (from 10.46 per cent in 2015) to the lowest recorded percentage of 5.36 per cent of all complaints. For a more in-depth overview of cases in 2016 see the health and safety determination summary on the ASB website. Depiction of drugs, smoking, drinking and gambling There has been increasing concern reflected in complaints about addictive activities being promoted through advertising; particularly the promotion of alcohol, gambling, smoking or drugs. • Advertising which depicts passengers on a boat drinking alcohol, in moderation, will not breach this section of the Code. - - Drugs Drug use and depictions which suggest drug use are viewed negatively by the Board. Comparisons to drug and medication use, along with awareness raising about the harms of drugs are viewed more leniently. The Board’s view is: • Advertising which uses the name of a well know brand, where the name is also related to a drug, will not in itself breach of community standards of health and safety. - - A perfume called ‘Black Opium’ (L’Oreal Australia Pty Ltd – 0201/16). • - - • There were no cases which raised health and safety concerns around smoking in 2016. All advertisements concerning alcohol are referred to the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC) committee and are also considered by the Board if Code of Ethics issues are raised. Passengers on a boat drinking beer, and the driver of the boat drinking water (Lion – 0574/16). Advertising which provides factual information on beer, does not present it as being a healthy product. A radio advertisement which promotes some beers as being 99.9% sugar free and preservative free (Lion - 0165/16). Advertising which promotes one free drink per person for people attending an event will not be seen to encourage or condone excess drinking. - - Smoking Alcohol 46 Concerns raised about situations or suggestions encouraging the excess or unsafe consumption of alcohol are considered by the Board [\X[ۂH\8&\Y]\΂[][[[ۈ\H]\[ۙB][[[XZ]HۙHYHY\YHY][8$  KMKY\\[X[\[X]\Y\˜[\ۙYKZ[XYZ[[Z[HHZ[\[\H܈[\YH\\ۜXH[[[HۜY\YXXHKH BHوHYۈX\HZHXK]Hܙ8'Y\[\ZY\8$[Bو]\[[x'H \ۈXY[BܙH H LMKY\\[[\\X]