Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 45

- - A man tipping a drink over a boy’s head and then using his finger to wipe some of the drink from the boy’s head before sucking his finger clean and saying, “Mmm. Delicious sticky boy” (Muzz Buzz – 0535/16). • The Board has dismissed complaints about sexualisation of children in a number of advertisements. Their view is: • Advertising which uses adults and children to show a fashion range will not be considered inappropriate, where the children are not depicted in a sexualised manner. - - • While depicting children as sexual beings is nearly always inappropriate in advertising, where the sexual connotation is mild, relevant to the product and intentionally confronting in order to draw attention to an important issue, images may not breach the Code. - - • An email advertisement which included customer-submitted images of children and adults in the brand’s clothing (Pacific Brands Holdings – 0259/16). • Advertising which depicts men interacting with their children in regular every-day situations will not be seen by the Board to be sexualised in any way. - - A father picking up his daughter and hugging her before playing with her and her friends (GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Australia – 0268/16). - - A young girl being carried by her father, waving to a man parking his car (Kia Automotive Australia – 0272/16). Caution should be taken when using adult models who may appear to be teenagers in advertising, however when these images are not sexualised and appropriate for general audiences they will not be considered sexualisation of children. - - A young woman in a bralette and th )Ʌ͔aЁٔɅѕϊd ѽ=L(ܼؤ)ٕѥ͕Ёݡɕ)ɰݥѠȁё)ɽՑɽȁѠȁѡɔ)ɽՍѥݡɕѡѡ)͕Յͅѥɕѕ(IЁMхeѠQɔL̼ؤ) ́ɔѕɕٕ)ٕѥͥݡ͡܁́չ)ɕݥݕȰչݕȁȁ)]ɔѡ͔́Ё͕Յ)ѡѽѡٕѥ͕Ё)аѡɕɔɽɥѕ)ٕɕѡɔ́չՔѕѥ)ѡé䰁ѡ́́Ёͥɕ)͕Յͅѥɕ(Q́她Ցɥ͍)չɰݡ́Ёݕɥ)ѡѥ̃Lؤ(չɰѡѠ䁡ȁ)٥ͥѡɽ՝ѡՉ̀9ѥ)Ʌ Lȼ؁̼ؤ)I٥܁=Ʌѥ̀(