Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 43

Advantage (0253/16), Offshore Surf (0034/16) and General Pants Group (0161/16 and 0155/16). • • • Although relevant to the product or service being advertised, advertisements can still cross the line of acceptability if the use of sex, sexuality and nudity is too explicit. The Board’s view is: Advertisements for lingerie can breach section 2.4 of the Code if they are overly sexualised and not appropriate for a broad audience. - - A woman in a red lacy body stocking through which her nipples were visible, accompanied by the text ‘unwrap me’ (Honey Birdette – 0544/16). - - A store window advertisement which featured women in lingerie in highly sexualised poses (City Chic – 0340/16) and one which featured a woman wearing different styles of lingerie moving in a sexualised way (Bras n’ Things – 0331/16). Humour and sexual innuendo Nudity Humour and sexual innuendo in advertisements considered by the Board generally raised questions of whether the advertisement was appropriate for a broad audience which could include children. The Board’s view is: The Board has recently found several advertisements to be in breach of Section 2.4 of the Code in relation to nudity. The Board’s view is: • • Although legally allowed to be advertised, sex products or services advertisements can breach Section 2.4 of the code if they are overly sexualised and/or depict a high level of nudity. - - A woman in a g-string and suspenders shown from behind (Showgirls – 0405/16). - - A topless woman looking over her shoulder and pulling down her g-string (My Alibi – 0399/16). - - A woman’s legs spread apart and a male lying between them (Sexyland – 0052/16). - - A female voiceover talking about a new, quieter version of a sex product ( – 0135/16). Advertising with mild sexual references, which would not easily be understood to be sexual by children, were seen to treat the issue of sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience. - - Two men in suspended egg chairs - - A man watching a television show, including a scene which has groaning noises (Foxtel Management – 0159/16). Advertisements with subtle sexual innuendo, which would no Ёͥ䁉)չѽ䁄չՑՑ)ə5ȼؤ ͱ)ɅA1ѐ؁ؤ) Ё)ե ́Ʌؤ) Ёɽ ؼؤ)]յȁՕѕ)ٕѥ͕Ёɔхٕѥ͕)ѕѥѼɽɥєȁɽ)ՑQ ɐյȁ)ٕѥ͕́ѡ́ɕQ ɓé٥܁)ٕѥͥݡ́Ѽ٥ݕ)ɕЁѥɕЁ͕ఁ͕Յ䁅)ՑݥѠ͕ͥѥ٥Ѽѡ́Ց)ɕɑ́յȁ͕()I٥܁=Ʌѥ̀)Ѽɕɕ͕Ёѕѥ̀A Ʌ)!̃Lļؤ)յȁɅЁٕѥ͕)ݥѠɽɥє́ȁɅ͕(] ̀мذ̼ذ(ȼذмذȼذذ(ؼ؁ܼؤ)ٕѥͥݡх́ЁՑ)ݥѕչѼɕѡ͕́ѥ)ѡ 䁥մݡ)Ѽ͕䁍ɕ(+$)ٕѥ͕́ݡ͔Չѕɔ)ݡɔ͕Յ͕ѥ)ѡݽձх݅䁉)ɕݕɔ͕ѼɕЁѡՔ͕)͕Յ䁅ՑݥѠ͕ͥѥ٥Ѽѡ)ɕمЁՑ(+$+$+$)Yɥ́́ݽՑ)ݽݥѠȁձɕ͕́( ɱ́5ͅLܼؤ)ٕѥͥݡɕ́)͕䁉ɕѡ )ѡɔ͕Յ͕͔ٕ)ѡɔ́ЁՑ(չݽѥȁ͡ЁѼ)͔ѡѽȁɕЀ)1Lȼؤ(9͕́)͕Յ͕ͥѥ̀ Ʌ ѥٔL(ļؤ(ѽ́ݽ她ѽѽ)1͑1Lؼؤ)%ٕ́ݡѡ)ٕѥͥ́Ё͕Յ՝ѥٔ䁉)ͥɕɽɥєѼ٥ݕ)䁄ɽՑՑɕ()ѽɵݥѠɝ)ɕ́хٕ́ȁȁ̀])ɕ́Յѥ̃Lؤ) хٕ́Ց䁍ͥɕ)хѡ ɐЁ́ɕ͕ѕ)ȁɽɥєѼѡՑ)Ё͔хȁхٕɱ͕Յ͕)ѕиQ ɓé٥܁+$)ٕѥͥݡ՝́Ց䁉Ёݡɔ)ѡɕɔՅѕ䁍ٕɕ)ݥՅ䁉ͥɕхݡɔ)ѡՑ䁥́Ё͕Յ͕(ɕ́她ѡɽչ)ȁɴɽ́ȁɕ( ѥLؤ(Qݼݽ͕ɽѥ)ѡȁѽ́Ѽ͠ѽɥ̀ )ɅLؤ(