Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 32

The Board’s view The information included in the Board’s view section is offered as a guide to previous determinations and cannot be relied upon as the determination which may be reached by the Board in future cases. Applying the Codes and Initiatives When considering complaints about advertising, the Advertising Standards Board is bound by a number of Codes and Initiatives. These Codes include: The majority of cases considered by the Advertising Standards Board fall under the AANA Code of Ethics. The Board considers cases under Section 2 of the Code, which until 2017 was divided into six sections: • AANA Code of Ethics • AANA Food & Beverages Code 2.1 Discrimination and vilification • AANA Code for Advertising & Marketing Communications to Children 2.2 Exploitative and degrading • AFGC Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative (RCMI) for the Australian Food and Beverage Industry 2.3 Violence 2.4 Sex, sexuality and nudity AFGC Quick Service Restaurant Industry Initiative for Responsible A GfW'F6r@&WFrF6G&V5$"PwVvP"bVFB6fWG( ( d4F"fV6R6FP( Vf&VF62GfW'F6pB&WFr6FP( vvW&rGfW'F6rB&WFp6V6F26FR3GfW'F6r7FF&G2'W&VP