Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 22

The aim of the network is to assist in delivering mentoring and capacity building programs around advertising self-regulation in the APEC region. Initially established as a group on LinkedIn, the ASB conducted a survey in late 2016 assessing the needs and accessibility issues of people involved in advertising regulation across the different economies. This survey was designed to assess how people would best like to access the mentoring network, and what content they would find most useful. The results of this survey were presented by the ASB Bureau Board of Directors Chairman Ian Alwill at an APEC workshop in Peru in August 2016. From information gathered from both the survey and the presentation, the ASB decided to adapt the mentoring network to an ema w&W2vV2ƖVDw&W( 2F֗6R'F6Fg&T2V6֖W2खFW&Fv&#b7F&W"#bWrFW&F6V6B6Vb&VwVF42v2W7F&Ɨ6V@vFFRF&FRVffV7FfRGfW'F6p6Vb&VwVFv&GvFRFRWr422'VFrW7FrWGv&bFW&FGfW'F6r6Vb&VwVF&v6F2v6v26WBW'WW&VGfW'F6r7FF&G2Ɩ6RT4#BG26WF42V&W'66VFV@6Vb&VwVF'&FW2g&W7G&Ɩ'&6R6V&V6fF"FW6WpVBW'R6FBFRU4FFFFFRTg&6R7BFRWFW&G2FR422FVFRv&GfW'F6p6Vb&VwVF&v6F25$2BGW7G'766F2Ff6ƗFFRFRW7F&Ɨ6VBbWp5$2BF&fFRFf&FF67W72@fB6WF2Fv&6VvW2f6VB'FPGfW'F6rGW7G'4"v6FVRFv&vFFRWr42F6VffV7FfRGfW'F6r6Vb&VwVF4"4Tfǒ2&VVFVBR`FRf6R6'W'62bFRWr42v@f&BvVBv&&W7Bf"RFFRWGv&PPcPCP#PPƖVDV&pvBvVBRƖRF6VRFRWGv&PPcPCP#PP7G'V7GW&V@F67W76#VF67W760T0f&FB5$&W6V&6&W7@&7F6Pf&F@f&F5$0FW GfW'F6r7FF&G2'W&V