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Championing self-regulation in the region and internationally What is APEC and who? The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a forum for 21 member economies in the Asia-Pacific region that promotes free trade throughout the region. The member economies are: • Australia • Brunei Darussalam • Canada • Chile • Chinese Taipei • Hong Kong, China • Indonesia • Japan • Malaysia • Mexico • New Zealand • Papua New Guinea • People’s Republic of China • Peru • Republic of Korea • Russia • Singapore • Thailand • The Philippines • The United States • Viet Nam. Review of Operations 2016 APEC advertising self‑regulation network The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) is committed to the ongoing development, refinement and capacity building of advertising self-regulation both in Australia and beyond. This works increases the credibility of self-regulation by expanding best practice around the Asia Pacific Region. Since 2012 the ASB has continued to champion advertising self-regulation in the Asia Pacific region through its leadership of a programme of work through APEC. As part of this work, the ASB continues to champion the importance of advertising self-regulation and best practice in advertising standards in the APEC region through the Mentoring Network. When communicating internationally with other advertising regulation organisations there are a number of challenges that arise, including time-zone challenges and technology access (access to the internet is not a given for all our neighbours) as well as language barriers. The ASB will continue to address these challenges and is looking forward to continuing to build this network and engage with APEC economies in 2017. In 2016 the ASB took advantage of the opportunity of a third APEC advertising self-regulation workshop in Peru to further develop an Advertising Self-Regulation Network. 19