Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 19

Challenge met – record number of complaints within jurisdiction In 2016 the ASB received 5,592 complaints, the second largest number of total complaints ever received in one year (5,735 in 2014). This equates to almost 95 complaints a week and over 20 complaints each business day. While the system was challenged by an increased workload due to more complaints being assessed as being within ASB jurisdiction, this challenge was met by ASB in 2016 with 533 cases being raised and considered by the Board. What does this mean? Complaints which are assessed as falling within the Codes usually require more time than those that do not. Complaints which are within jurisdiction (and have not previously been considered) will be raised as a case, or linked to a case that has not yet been considered by the Board. From these 5,592 complaints, 3,134 (56 per cent) were found to relate to new cases within jurisdiction, meaning they raised issues under the Codes and did not relate to a case that had previously been considered by the Board. This is the largest amount of complaints ever processed as being new cases within jurisdiction in one year. In 2014 this number was only 2,309 (40 per cent). Timeliness The KPI for timeliness is set at 80 per cent of case completion within 42 calendar days. The actual result for 2016 fell short of this target at 73.4 per cent of all cases completed within 42 calendar days. The average number of calendar days to complete all cases was 39.1. The drop in timeliness can be attributed, in part, to the increased workload in 2016. A large amount of complaints being assessed as being within jurisdiction creates an increased workload for ASB staff. Example process for complaint within jurisdiction Complaint received Advertiser contacted and case raised Complainant informed case will go to Board Case considered by Board and determination made Advertiser response received Additional complaints received added to Case. Advertiser and complainant(s) informed Case report written Advertiser informed of determination Case report published and complainant(s) informed KPI is 80% case completion within 42 calendar days 80 Case completion 60 40 Average calendar days for case completion 20 % all cases completed within KPI 0 2016 2015 Review of Operations 2016 2014 2013 2012 17