Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 13

During 2016 we also focused on keeping our Advertising Standards Board, 20 members of the Australian community with no ties with industry or consumer groups, well informed and well supported in their decision making. While we farewelled a number of members of the Board we were successful in our goal of increasing the diversity of the Board membership and welcomed four new members from diverse cultural backgrounds (see the Board reports section). Most challenging to the work of the Board in 2016 is further expansion to the media and spaces in which advertising and marketing communications appears. During 2016 the Board considered complaints about Snapchat for the first time. Thank you to all Board members for the commitment and thought you demonstrate in all decision making, and in being able to work as a team in a manner that respects such diversity of opinion. accessibility, efficiency were part of the ASB’s every day, and that as a team we ensured our focus on continuous improvement of all aspects of our complaints resolution system. My particular thank you to Ian, with whom I have worked closely for nearly 12 years. Ian understood the importance to industry of a well-respected, and robust self-regulation system and demonstrated the utmost integrity in his Chairmanship. Ian has been able to hand over a robust and well governed company to the new Board of Directors, and I look forward to working with them and to meeting the challenges and opportunities that 2017 holds. A small team of hard working staff at the ASB dealt with more than 5000 complaints and hundreds of phone calls from members of the community in 2016. At times a very challenging role, every member of the team has stretched themselves to ensure the ASB undertakes its task effectively and efficiently. My sincere thanks to everyone for their dedication and sense of humour. At the end of 2016 we farewelled three long standing members of the Bureau Board of Directors – Ian Alwill, Chairman since 2005, Hayden Hills and John McLaren. All three contributed their time and intellect to ensuring the values of transparency, independence, Review of Operations 2016 11