Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2016 2016 Review of operations_WEB - Page 11

Chairmen’s report Ian Alwill – retiring Chair David Scribner – Acting Chair My last year as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Advertising Standards Bureau, continued as my term began – making the advertising self-regulation system in Australia operate in a robust manner, enabling the Directors, the Bureau and Advertising Standards Board to meet the challenges of such a rapidly evolving advertising system. We have great respect for the work done by previous members of the Bureau Board and thank them all for leaving us with an advertising complaints system that is able to meet all challenges and adapt quickly to coming changes. Certainly the challenge to meet community, industry and government expectations, in the context of rapid and paradigm shifting advertising practice, have been a constant in my 12 years on the Board of Directors and I expect that will not change in the future. The challenges are welcome and have driven positive changes to the Bureau, Board and self-regulation in general and I see this as something which needs to continue into the future. The Bureau’s work in championing self-regulation of advertising in the APEC region has been another positive role, of which I have been excited to be part. The potential economic benefit to the region is vast. The current Board of Directors is motivated to uphold and further develop elements of the complaint handling process of the advertising self-regulation system. As determined by the industry, community and government. The need to have a thorough understanding of all stakeholder requirements is one of the main objectives the Board will be working toward during the coming year. I believe this work will ensure the system continues to benefit all stakeholders. The Directors pay tribute to the dedication of the Advertising Standards Board and thank the staff at the Bureau for their dedication in administering the complaints arm of Australia’s self-regulation system and also the role they play in promoting and championing the importance of self-regulation in the Australian community. In handing over to the new Board of Directors I know am leaving them with a significant and important responsibility in ensuring the Bureau, Board and advertising self-regulation in Australia is maintained at the world-leading level it currently holds. Review of Operations 2016 9