Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 97

Initiative Administration Committee Committee specified in Part 4 of the Initiative, which oversees the management of the Initiative. 4. Initiative administration (d) Liaising with key stakeholders including the Advertising Standards Bureau Initiative Administration Arrangements Initiative Administration Manager Employee of the AFGC responsible for the management of the Initiative. 4.1. The AFGC Board has ultimate responsibility for the administration of the Initiative including its purpose, effective management and reporting to stakeholders. The Initiative Administration Manager coordinates the management of the Initiative, with the assistance of the Initiative Administration Committee. The processes are described below and outlined in Figure 1. (e) Coordinating the review of uptake and effectiveness of the Initiative Medium Television, radio, print, cinema, internet sites QSR Initiative The AFGC’s Quick Service Restaurant Initiative for Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children. Signatory Any company who has agreed to be bound by this Initiative and has submitted their Company Action Plan to AFGC. Initiative Administration Manager (f ) Coordinating compliance monitoring arrangements (g) Providing strategic advice to the AFGC Board on the value of the Initiative to industry (h) Coordinating periodic reviews of the functions of the Initiative and amendments as required (i) Supporting the functions of the Initiative Administration Committee 4.2. The Initiative Administration Manager from within the AFGC Secretariat coordinates the management of the Initiative. Specific management duties include: (a) Developing an annual report and budget (b) Developing and facilitating an implementation strategy, including the creation of consumer and industry awareness (c) Interacting with industry on matters relating to the Initiative Figure 1: Initiative administration arrangements AFGC Chief Executive line management approve budget report Initiative Administration Manager Review of Operations 2014 AFGC Board report support report Stakeholders Budget recommendation Annual report Initiative Administration Committee 95