Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 84

1. Advertising Standards Bureau complaints process Complaint received in writing Complaint assessed Complaint assessed as under code. NEW CASE CREATED or linked to case already created Complaint assessed as consistently dismissed Complaint assessed as already considered Complaint assessed as not in ASB charter Complainant notified that complaint will be considered by the Board Complainant informed Complainant informed and provided with Case Report. Complaint forwarded to advertiser Complainant informed and referred to appropriate body Advertiser notified of complaint and offered opportunity to respond NT COMPLAI CLOSED Advertiser response received Advertiser response not received Response included in case notes provided to the Board Response requested again Nil response noted in case notes provided to the Board D BOAR ERS ID CONSPLAINT COM Board dismisses complaint Board upholds complaint ASB notifies advertiser Advertiser indicates non-compliance with Board decision Advertiser non-response noted in Case Report Referred to appropriate agency, if applicable ASB notifies advertiser and requests advertiser statement Advertiser doesn’t withdraw/modify ad Advertiser provides statement, included in Case Report Advertiser withdraws/modifies ad Complainant and advertiser provided with final Case Report and advised of option for Independent Review ASB Publishes Case Report Independent Review requested Independent Review accepted