Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 74

Which medium were cases seen and heard on? Of the advertisements complained about which were raised as cases, the vast majority (44.77 per cent) were advertisements seen on television, this is consistent with previous years. A further 7.34 per cent of advertisements were seen on Pay TV, slightly less than the 7.98 per cent in 2013. $ Other mediums with less than 5 per cent include outdoor (2.94 per cent), cinema (1.47 per cent), mail (0.55 per cent), TV-out of home (0.55 per cent), promotional material (0.37 per cent). Flying banners and mobile billboards each represented 0.18 per cent of cases. 72 7.34% Pay TV 7.16% Internet 7.16% Radio 6.42% Poster 5.14% Billboard 5.14% Print 2.94% Outdoor 2.20% Social Media 1.47% Cinema 0.55% Mail 0.55% App 0.37% Promo 0.18% Flying banner 0.18% Billboard Mobile Other mediums with increasing percentages include radio (7.16 per cent), poster (6.42 per cent) and internet social media (2.20 per cent). Mediums with decreasing percentages include billboard and print both down to 5.14 per cent. 7.89% Transport 0.55% Out of home TV The second highest percentage of cases was for transport advertisements, which rose again for the third consecutive year 3.82 per cent (2012), 5.40 per cent (2013) to 7.89 per cent in 2014. 44.77% TV 0.00% SMS Advertising Standards Bureau