Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 73

Which mediums attracted complaints? Consistent with previous years, in 2014, the majority of complaints (77.72 per cent) related to advertisements shown on television, the highest percentage since 2006 when 85.81 per cent of complaints related to television advertisements. This year’s higher percentage can be attributed to a small number of television advertisements which received a high number of complaints. Forms of outdoor media were considered under transport, billboard and outdoor mediums. In 2014, billboards attracted the second highest amount of complaints for any medium with 5.32 per cent, this is down from 9.59 per cent in 2013. Transport accounted for 4.09 per cent of complaints in 2014 and outdoor mediums 0.54 per cent. In 2014, only 2.08 per cent of complaints were for internet advertising, less than half of the 2013 figure of 5.5 per cent. An additional 1.58 per cent of complaints were for advertisements app earing in social media, this is down from 1.91 per cent in 2013 and 2.59 per cent in 2012. Significant falls in complaint percentages were recorded against print media which fell significantly to 0.94 per cent in 2014 from 4.54 per cent in 2013 and about radio advertisements which dropped from 3.57 per cent in 2013 to 1.80 per cent this year. $ 77.72% TV 5.32% Billboard 4.09% Pay TV 2.32% Transport 2.22% Poster 2.08% Internet 1.80% Radio 1.58% Social Media 0.99% Other 0.94% Print 0.54% Outdoor 0.33% Cinema 0.07% Mail 0.00% Multi Media Other mediums attracting complaint included Pay TV (4.09 per cent), poster (2.22 per cent), cinema (0.33 per cent) and mail (0.07 per cent). Review of Operations 2014 71