Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 71

What age are complainants? The highest percentage of complaints in 2014 came from people in the 40 to 54 year age group, accounting for 31 per cent of all complaints received. The age group from 30 to 39 years account for 20.15 per cent of complaints. These ratios are similar to those of 2013. In 2014, 19 to 29 year olds accounted for 14.79 per cent of complaints, followed by 55 to 65 year olds who accounted for 14.16 per cent of complaints. The lowest number of complaints came from people under 19 years of age, with the second lowest, people over 65. The percentage of complainants with an unspecified age (11.73 per cent) ties in with the percentage of complaints received by mail and as referrals from broadcasters. 2.52% 14.79% 20.15% <19 19-29 30-39 31% 14.16% 5.64% 40-54 55-65 >65 11.73% Unspecified Where are complaints coming from? Although the percentage of complaints received from most States and Territories remained consistent with previous years, there was a significant increase in complaints from NSW (31.77 percent in 2013 to 37.63 per cent in 2014) which can be attributed to a series of advertisements shown only in that State. Also significant was a six per cent drop in complaints from Queensland, from 20.84 per cent in 2013 to 14.58 per cent in 2014. As with previous years, the most populous state, New South Wales, topped the percentage of complaints received, followed by Victoria with 25.43 per cent. The percentage of complaints received from Queensland (14.58 per cent) Western Australia (9.79 per cent), South Australia (8.96 per cent), Australian Capital Territory (1.93 per cent) Tasmania (1.25 per cent), and Northern Territory (0.33 per cent) remained similar to previous years. Review of Operations 2014 37.63% 25.43% 14.58% 8.96% NSW VIC QLD SA 9.79% 1.93% ACT 1.25% 0.33% WA TAS NT 0.10% Unspecified 69