Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 66

Cases reviewed in 2014 People who originally made a complaint, or the advertiser who the complaint was made against, may ask for an independent review of the determination if they meet the criteria for the process. Reviews may be undertaken if the request is about at least one or all of the following grounds. • W here new or additional relevant evidence which could have a significant bearing on the determination becomes available. An explanation of why this information was not submitted previously must be provided. • W here there was a substantial flaw in the Board’s determination (determination clearly in error having regard to the provisions of the Codes or Initiatives, or clearly made against the weight of evidence). • W here there was a substantial flaw in the process by which the determination was made. The independent review is not a merit review of a Board decision. In 2014, three cases submitted for the independent review process were finalised. A précis of the cases reviewed is available here. The full case reports are available on the Advertising Standards Bureau website. Independent review cases Kittens Car Wash - Case number 0437/14 A request for independent review from a complainant claimed th