Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 57

KAREN HAYNES Appointed August 2011 SOPHIE KOWALD Appointed August 2006 GINA LEE Appointed September 2014 Karen is from Brisbane and since 2008 she has been a Queensland Baptist Pastor. She is Associate Pastor at Windsor Road Baptist Church, a Brisbane city congregation. Her ministry primarily focuses on multi-cultural young adults, youth and mission. Sophie works at the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and recently completed a Master of Laws at the University of Melbourne. Previously Sophie has worked as a research fellow on cross-border tobacco advertising control at the Centre for Media and Communications Law, a judicial associate and as a casual university academic in law and media studies. Gina was born and grew up in Sydney but some years ago underwent a tree-change and moved to central western NSW with her husband and family. Prior to her move, Gina worked as an intellectual property lawyer in a top tier Sydney corporate law firm. Since then, she has worked as a legal editor and as a government lawyer. She also spent some time working with the community as a criminal lawyer with Legal Aid. She is currently completing her Masters of Laws. She also works for Australian Baptist’s CrossCultural Agency, Global Interaction. As “Young Adults Consultant” for Queensland, she works across the state to increase awareness and involvement in cross-cultural work. As part of this work Karen meets with young adults from across Queensland, helping them to contribute to mission and community work in countries with the greatest need. Karen has worked with young people and their families since she was teenager. She began her working career in administration and business roles, after completing a Bachelor of Business, but then changed direction and completed a Master of Divinity. She is currently enjoying learning through the Arrow Leadership program, developing emerging leaders in the Australian Evangelical sector. In her spare time Karen enjoys being a part of her local community. Libraries and parks are her destination of choice, while she is on a first name basis with the coffee shop owners in the area. She hopes to continue to find ways to contribute to the well-being of her city and local area. Review of Operations 2014 For many years, Sophie has been a singer in choirs around the country, including The Australian Voices, Canticum, The Melbourne Chorale and, most recently, the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs. As the mother of two young children, she currently holds memberships with her local playgroup, toy library and breastfeeding association. Born in Canberra and raised in Brisbane, Sophie is now Sydney-based, but has spent significant amounts of time in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast in recent years. Gina is involved in many aspects of life in the central west—work, school, church and the arts, particularly with the local music conservatorium of which she is an active member and avid supporter. She particularly enjoys playing cello with her local orchestra. She has taught scripture in a local public school, is an involved member of her church and has been active in a local resident action group. As a second-generation Korean-Australian, Gina has a particular interest in questions of displacement—spiritual, cultural and physical— and completed her undergraduate English Literature Honours thesis on this area. She is the mother of three children and loves a good cup of coffee with friends, training in Tae Kwon Do and going on long drives. 55