Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 52

Cars - (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Code of Practice for Motor Vehicle Advertising) Motor vehicle advertisements that raised issues under the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) dropped to less than two per cent of complaints in 2014, compared to the previous year when vehicles were the issue raised in 4.35 per cent of cases. section generally include motor vehicles travelling at excessive speed, sudden changes in direction or speed of a motor vehicle, deliberately and unnecessarily setting motor vehicles on a collision course, or the apparent and deliberate loss of control of a moving motor vehicle. Key issues in 2014 The most complained about campaign considered under the FCAI Code in 2014 raised issues under Section 2(a). The advertisement featured a woman singing and moving to music while driving (KIA Automotive Australia - 0231/14). The Board previously dismissed a different version of the advertisement which featured the husband driving the car (0330/11). Noting that the woman appeared in full control of the vehicle at all times and although the woman was singing and performing some dance movements with her body, there was no suggestion that she was not aware of her surroundings and in the Board’s view her driving appeared safe and controlled. • A dvertisers should note that depicting speed or even an implication of driving at excessive speed can breach the FCAI Code. • A dvertisers should ensure controlled driving is depicted. • A dvertisements need to comply with all applicable road rules, including the use of seatbelts, indicators and fog lights. • R egardless of where a car is depicted driving, the Board must consider whether the driving depicted would be unsafe if it were on a road or road-related area. • C are should be taken to ensure damage is not caused to the environment in advertisements depicting off-road driving. • A dvertisers must be aware of the need to meet the intent and spirit of the FCAI Code as expressed in the Explanatory Notes, not just the substantive provisions. Concerns raised by the community about motor vehicle advertisements in 2014 related to driving practices that may breach the law, excessive speed, environmental damage, and unsafe driving. Depictions of unsafe driving Clause 2(a) of the FCAI Code outlines that advertisers should not depict unsafe driving, including reckless and menacing driving that would breach any Commonwealth law or the law of any State or Territory. Complaints under this 50 In 2014, of all cases considered under the FCAI Code which raised issues under Section 2(a), one was found in breach of this provision (BMW Group Australia Ltd – 0127/14). This advertisement depicted the vehicle swerving and changing direction suddenly, a tachometer showing high engine revolutions, the sound of the engine, and tyre tread left on the road when the vehicle pulls away. In the Board’s f